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Bre lives in Los Molinos, CA where she runs a small cattle operation utilizing mostly leased private and public lands. Bre grew up in Northern CA on a cow-calf ranch, attended Chico State and Colorado State University, Fort Collins, focusing her studies on rangeland ecology and livestock production. Beyond CA, she has worked on cattle ranches in OR, NV, WY, and HI.

She is motivated by a love for working landscapes – for the people, land and livestock that are a part of them. She believes that agriculture at its best is conservation at its best. Bre’s role at NatGLC is designed to bring western graziers needs and solutions into the organization’s programs, policy and communications efforts while sharing resources and facilitating partnerships across NatGLC’s western network. In this capacity, she works with livestock producers in all western states. She maintains a comprehensive understanding of current challenges and emerging opportunities relevant to grazing lands stewardship through these interactions and by running her own beef cattle operation.

Additionally, she serves as the board chair of the CA Rangeland Conservation Coalition, board chair for Holistic Management International, President of the Cal-Pac Section of Society for Range Management, and is a CA Certified Rangeland Manager (CRM #97). She supports various working lands collaborative projects across the west in an advisory capacity. In her spare time, she prepares grazing management plans for ranching operations in CA.


Text: NatGLC