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We Work Together to Keep Ranchers Ranching

We Work to Conserve and Enhance our California Working Rangelands

We Educate the Public About the Benefits of Ranching

California Rangeland Conservation Coalition…Working to Keep Ranchers Ranching.

The California Rangeland Resolution notes the multiple values of California’s rangelands and ranching and  how the Coalition collaboratively works  to protect and enhance them and to support a viable ranching community.

Partner Stories

Click here for stories of our Signatories “our partners” who have contributed in one way or another to furthering our mission of conserving rangelands.

Benefits of Rangeland

By joining forces for the common goal of protecting CA’s rangelands, we can make the biggest impact on the sustainability of California’s landscapes.

Rangeland Field Notes

Read the news from the Coalition and  others: Workshops / Events, Job Postings, Research, Podcasts / Videos,  Articles, and other resources.



Mission Statement


Bringing together ranchers, environmentalists and government entities to conserve and enhance the ecological values and economic viability of California’s working rangelands.

California Grazing Lands Coalition

CalGLC is the rancher’s voice in CA conservation. This project will be a collaborative approach to rangeland stewardship through a dedicated coalition of ranchers, individuals involved with existing conservation efforts, conservation districts, non-government organizations, and representatives from state and federal land management agencies.


CalGLC is a new project facilitated by the CA Rangeland Conservation Coalition (CRCC).