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These posters were shared at the 2023 Summit. CRCC appreciates the authors for their work and for sharing in this way.

In Search of the Value of Grazing. Genoa Starrs1, Sheila Barry2, Lynn Huntsinger1, Van Butsic1
1University of California, Berkeley; 2UC Cooperative Extension Livestock/Natural Resources

Effects of Compost Amendments to Rangelands with Steep Slopes on Soil Carbon, Greenhouse Gas Fluxes, and Nutrient Runoff. Rebecca Ryals1*, Ian Howell2, Hillary SardiƱas2, Alexia Cooper1, Kelly Schoonmaker3, Miao Ling He4. 1University of California, Merced, 2Alameda County Resource Conservation District, 3StopWaste, 4USDA Natural Resources Conservation District

Grazing to Reduce Wildfires. Understanding Vegetation Types to Reduce Fire Severity. Theresa Becchetti, Shane Feirer, Denise Woods, Stephanie Larson, UCCE

Rancher Activity in Wildfire Fighting. Lessons from SCU Fire Complex. Theresa Becchetti and Sheila Barry, UCANR