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Become A Signatory

Becoming a Signatory is the first step in taking action to support and conserve our precious and threatened rangeland resources and the ranching community. In becoming a Signatory, your entity is “signing” onto or affirming the Rangeland Resolution.  There is a Ranch Signatory category.

It’s simple to become a Signatory.

1. Send an electronic message (E-mail) to Karen Sweet stating your commitment to the Rangeland Resolution and your desire to become a Signatory.  That’s all there is to it.

2. Then, become involved!  Be sure to subscribe to E-update, too so as not to miss any news generated by the California Rangeland Conservation Coalition or by its Signatories.  Signatories are eligible to share their rangeland information and events in E-update by sending a brief paragraph of information with link if available well in advance of events to ksweet@cattlemen.net.

Please contact Karen Sweet at ksweet@cattlemen.net for more information.