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Many thanks to the many presenters who are dedicated to healthy rangelands and ranching stewardship, and to emcee, Michael Delbar, California Rangeland Trust.

California Rangelands, Ranching Stewardship, and 30 x 30

Learn the value of California rangelands and how the ranchers who steward them an help address the state and federal climate strategy goals, protect 30% of land and water by 2030. Develop a common understanding of conservation and stewardship. Hear the challenges and opportunities for sustaining working rangelands to address state and federal 30×30 goals. Hear the challenges and opportunities for sustaining working rangelands to address state and federal 30×30 goals.

Dr. Lynn Huntsigner and Dr. Van Butsic, UC Berkeley. Research describes how conservation easements on rangeland return up to $3.47 for every dollar invested. CRT’s ecosystem services research results show the long-term benefits of land conservation and could transform the way we look at working landscapes in the Golden State into 2030 and beyond.

Jennifer Norris, PhD, Deputy Secretary, CA Dept of Resources. A discussion on California’s plan to conserve 30% of the state by the year 2030.

Zachary Bodhane, Policy Director, Western Landowners Alliance. An explanation how America the Beautiful, the Federal effort to conserve 30% of the nation’s lands and what it may mean for western rangelands.

Grazing protected lands in San Diego County – Challenges & opportunities. • Lance Criley, US Forest Service and Certified Rangeland Manager and Tracie Nelson, CA Fish & Wildlife • Lewis Reed, Mid-Peninsula Open Space District

Audubon California Conservation Ranching Initiative, the program designed to encourage grazing management practices that favor bird habitat while providing an additional marketing opportunity with a unique label. Pelayo Alvarez, ACRI Director

Multibenefit Land Repurposing Program, an overview of the program as irrigated lands are pulled out of production due to Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). Jack Rice, Rancher Technical Assistance Program

The Land Trust Perspective about how they see easements on rangelands fit into the 30 by 30 initiatives. Michael Delbar, CA Rangeland Trust, Kara Heckert, American Farmland Trust, Charlotte Mitchell, California Farmland Trust

Overview of research underway aimed at predicting long term forage growth to help plan for future patterns. Annie Taylor, UC Berkeley

Climate Smart Conservation Planning – Description of many climate smart tools Point Blue uses with land managers. Alicia Herrera, Point Blue.

Climate-Smart Ag Research & Extension. Preview of a newly-funded research and extension program project goals by UCANR. Leslie Roche, PhD, UC Davis

What will ranchers need to be sustainable to meet these challenges? • Jaime and Robert Irwin, Kaos Sheep Outfit, N California • John Austel, San Diego County. Two ranchers, one running sheep, the other cattle, discuss the challenges of grazing in the state and how they see the need for land management on a landscape scale.