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2016 – 10 Years in Review & Looking Forward

2016 Summit in Review 

2015 – Summer News – Summit Notes and Sponsor Thank you; On the Ranch Conservation Tour; and more.

2014 – Fall News

2014 – Summer News

2013 – Rangeland Coalition Summer News

2012 – See all the great work and outreach of the Rangeland Coalition in the 2012 1st Quarter Report. 


The Coalition has supported a number of different projects and initiatives with letters.

2012: Support for the creation of an Animal Grazing System Specialist Position at UC Davis. Letter to US Senate Committee on Agriculture highlighting mutual priorities for 2012 Farm Bill.  Support for 5 Dot Ranch for the Beef Improvement Federation Producer of the Year Award. Support for co-sponsors for S.339 and H.R. 1964 that would make permanent the 2006 enhanced tax deduction for donations of conservation easements that expired at the end of 2011. Click here for S.339 letter. Click here for H.R. 1964 letter. Support for research proposal titled “Managing Rangelands for Multiple Ecosystem Services across a Variable Environment: Integrating Ecological and Human Dimensions”.

2011.  Letter of support for the development of carbon offset protocols for rangelands. Lletter of support reinstating subvention funding in the 2011-2012 California State budget to counties for the California Land Conservation Act – Williamson Act. Letter introducing the state’s 39th Governor, Jerry Brown, to the CRCC and outlining our mutual priorities for 2011.  Support for the conservation easement on the Penobscot Ranch in El Dorado County.  Support for the conservation easement on the Bufford Ranch in Kern County.

2010 Rangeland Coalition partners came together to submit priorities for the President’s American Great Outdoors Initiative.