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Rangeland Linkages

Each issue may contain: workshops or other events that are open to all; rangeland-related positions, grants and resources. Submissions welcomed. Subscribe, read and share with colleagues. Facebook publishes other content. Click on the date for the whole issue.

March 12, 2019

Who will be the next generation of rangeland stewards?  Today’s teens are invited to attend Range Camp, June 16-21.. Range Camp is organized by the California-Pacific section of the Society for Range Management.

Are Landowners, Managers, and Range Management Academics on the Same Page About Conservation?  Paper by the Central Coast Rangeland Coalition’s Rancher, Manager, and Scientist Forum on Rangeland Conservation.

Two articles from UCANR’s CalAgriculture magazine: 
 Prescribed fire gains momentum.
Do it yourself: UCCE workshop eases reporting of water diversions. 

Photo: Yearlings in Winter, Kathy DeForest, Adin

February 25, 2019

Modoc County Unites to Find Solutions for Resource Management. 

Ken Tate and Valerie Eviner video, working on the land.

UCANR Grasslands and Hardwood Rangelands publications – planning guide, plant-specific resources, invertebrates, SOD, Year in the Life of a Beef Cow, and so much more. Most free!  Feature for public parks:  Sharing Open Space: What to Expect from Grazing Livestock

Photo: Early Bloom on Abandoned Carrizo Ranch, Jim Tietz, 2nd Place

Milkweed, Morgan Territory Preserve, Allison Rofe, 3rd Place

February 6, 2019

Summit Update & Notes.  Presentations and contest photographs are published.

WILDFIRE,  by  Mike Williams, Los Angeles Rancher and Summit Presenter

Sow, You Want to Seed Your Rangeland or Irrigated Pasture. blog by Devii Rao, UCCE

January 18, 2019

Rangeland Story: ‘Its Tough Sleeping at Night; Ranchers Seek to Protect their Herds as Wolves Move in”

Summit Summary and Sponsors

Numerous Wildfire, Grant and Other Resources; Workshops and Positions

Photo: The Search Begins, Santa Clara Co, Carissa Rivers, 1st Place

January 9, 2019

Summit: Preventing Catastrophic  Wildfire in California – The  Role for Livestock Grazing.  

California Deparment of Food and Agriculture Farm/Ranch and Soil Grants

Red Barn, Sloughouse. Bart Cremers. 1st Place, 2018 Contest