Board of Directors and Steering Committee


Board of Directors:  Bre Owens, President;  Dave Forrest, Vice President / Treasurer

Staff:  Karen Sweet, Executive Director

Steering Committee:

This committee will liaison with the members’ constituencies and assist the Board of Directors to implement CRCC’s strategic plan to enhance and protect California’s rangelands and to support the ranching community and its long term viability as described in the Rangeland Resolution.

Chair, Bre Owens, Cobblestone Ranch

Vice Chair:  Dave Forrest, Institute for Ecological Health

Karen Buhr, CA Association of Resource Conservation Districts

Tim Koopmann, Bill Rankin, Adam Cline,  Ranchers, CA Cattlemen’s Association

CA Department of Fish and Wildlife

Casey Stone, Rancher & Noelle Cremersm CA Farm Bureau Federation

Michael Delbar, CA Rangeland Trust

Dan Macon or Andree Soares, Ranchers, CA Wool Growers Association

Sue Forbes, Cal-Pac Chapter Society for Range Management

Pam Flick or Kim Delfino, Defenders of Wildlife

Dave Forrest or John Hopkins, Institute for Ecological Health

Tom Hedt, Natural Resources Conservation Service

Wendell Gilgert, Point Blue Conservation Science

Mark Kramer, The Nature Conservancy

Theresa Becchetti or Sheila Barry, Univ. of CA Cooperative Extension

Matt Hamman, US Fish and Wildlife Service