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Who We Are


From former foes on opposing sides of the environmental and agricultural divide, to now allies in our mission to conserve working rangelands, the diverse group of partners who make up the CA Rangeland Conservation Coalition (the Coalition or CRCC) includes ranchers, conservationists, and state and federal agencies, academia among others.

In November, 2015, CRCC adopted the following Statement of Purpose that reaffirms that CRCC has California-wide interests. In doing so, the 2005 Rangeland Resolution and 2007 Focus Area map will be archived as a part of our history.

Statement of Purpose – 2015

 California rangelands provide numerous benefits to people and nature. California ranchers and natural resources are facing increasing challenges to their continued viability.

 Our purpose is to create a productive forum for diverse interests to discuss issues facing California’s ranching community and natural resources and to identify solutions. California Rangeland Conservation Coalition will endeavor to:

  • Facilitate respectful dialogue,
  • Foster mutual understanding,
  • Define common ground, and
  • Catalyze collaboration where feasible.

California Rangeland Resolution

The foundation of the Coalition was based on a significant document adopted in 2006, the Rangland Resolution.  It was the basis for our commonly held truths regarding rangelands, the plant and animal species that need these lands to survive and the ranching stewards that maintain them.  The Resolution recognized that these rangelands and the diversity of species they support is largely due to grazing and other land stewardship practices of the ranchers that own and manage them. It also describes how the Coalition will collaboratively work to protect  and enhance California’s rangeland landscapes.  It was signed by over 125 agricultural and conservation organizations, as well as state and federal agencies and many others.

The Rangeland Resolution was revised in 2016 to more accurately and clearly reflect CRCC’s concerns for  these diverse rangelands and for the viability of the livetock industry.  Signatories are asked to reaffirm their commitment to the Rangeland Resolution, and new signatories are invited.




Signatories to the California Rangeland Resolution

Signatories to the California Rangeland Resolution  affirm the principles and goals contained in the Resolution and are expected to reference them in their own and collaborative work.  Signatories ARE the California Rangeland Conservation Coalition.  All support provided by these Signatories is important and appreciated.

Get acquainted with them and their own rangeland work, too.  Invite them to participate in your programs. Is your organization’s name included?  If not, it’s easy to become a Signatory and participate in the Coalition.


Since our inception in 2005, we developed several key foundational documents by which we were governed.

These include:
Our Guiding Principles and Governing Structure
Our Strategic Plan