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June 16

2018 SUMMIT – January 16-17  - Save the Date!  The Rangeland Resolution is the Coalition’s foundation. Signatories (see list) to the resolution are invited to affirm their support of the revised Rangeland Resolution, as those below have done.  New Signatories...

June 2

NBC’s Open Road with Doug McConnell Visits CRCC Signatories’ Rangelands!   Solano Land Trust shares its rangelands.   East Bay Regional Park District hosts a biodiversity tour of Vasco Caves north of Livermore.    (Share your stories with CRCC, too!)  RANGELAND SUMMIT...

May 26

Coalition News The Rangeland Resolution recognizes that the health of California rangelands and the diversity of natural resources they support are largely due to grazing and other land stewardship practices of the ranchers that own and manage them. It states the goal...

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